ChiTuBox – Compact Software Review

ChiTuBox – Compact Software Review

In this blog post we want to give you a short overview about ChiTuBox, a free tool with various editing possibilities of models for 3D printing on UV resin printers (DLP and DUP devices), like Anycubic, Phrozen Shuffle, Wanhao and many more. Also important for handling DruckWege UV Resins.

Again and again there are individual requirements where the proprietary software of the device manufacturer is not sufficient for all applications, depending on the complexity of the model. For this purpose we have tested another program and would like to illuminate it in a 5 min post.

The model shown on the following screenshots is our DruckWege calibration model, available here.

ChiTuBox in a Nutshell

  • Manufacturer Shenzhen CBD Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Free of charge
  • Registration required
  • Tested version V1.3.0
  • Supported operating systems: Windows (32, 64), Mac, Linux

The most common 3D printers are available in the settings, otherwise you can also enter a printer with your own specifications yourself.

This makes working with models on different 3D printers easier, because the dimensions of the buildplate are visible in an overview and the comparison to another buildplate is only two clicks away.

Configure Resin Drain Hole

You can use ChiTuBox to hollow out models and drill a drain hole into the model, even printing the plug for the hole separately. So the resin can flow off during printing and you can close the model after printing with some resin and a UV lamp again.

You should be careful when changing the model. If you change the mesh somehow, it often comes to errors, like a partially defective mesh, around the changed spot, or even to new artifacts, which are put into the model.

Slicing and Anti-Aliasing

ChiTuBox can also slice models, but it contains different slicing profiles.

Unfortunately, our experience has shown that the generated slices can cause problems on the printers, e.g. Y-axis wrongly scaled. However, you can at least get an overview about:

  • Is the resolution of the printer sufficient?
  • Should anti-aliasing be used, or does it make no difference?
  • Should the model be printed with a lower resolution?


Flatten by Face – Face Alignment

With the feature flatten by face you can choose a side of the model, and it will be placed on the buildplate. So you don’t have to approach it manually or hope that the software chooses the right side as the base.

Overhangs are marked in red, so that you don’t easily overlook free hanging areas in the model.

Configure Support Structures

Support structures are very widely configurable. The automatic setting of the supports also distinguishes between supports that are only attached to the baseplate and supports that emanate from the model. This is especially important for models that are hollowed out, because without supports inside the model the pressure can quickly become fail print.

Summary ChiTuBox


  • powerful tool
  • simple and friendly designed inferface
  • simplifies working with different 3D printers
  • very well configurable support structures
  • hollowing of the model with respect to a stopper
  • free of charge


  • if the model is changed, errors or artifacts may occur
  • there is no “Undo” function when editing the supports