DruckWege Dental Model Resin

DruckWege Dental Model Resin

Type D Dental Model Resin for DLP and DUP 3D Printers

Optimized 3D Resin Printing for Dental Labs and Dental Technicians

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) and the dental industry are currently experiencing ever closer overlapping fields and are thus mutually benefiting from the application and functionality of our resins. In the course of the functional Type D resins, we now publish another version, which can be used exclusively for modeling applications: DruckWege Type D Dental Model Resin.

Our model resin allows dental laboratories to print harmonious, high-precision models of teeth and use them, for example, to fit gingiva masks or drilling templates. After curing, the resin has a surface that comes incredibly close to the usual plaster material.

Dental Model Resin for DLP 3D Printers, Wanhao D7, Anycubic Photon and Phrozen Shuffle

Like all other Type D models, the resin has full compatibility with the usual 3D printers in the DLP and DUP range.

Restriction in use :
This product has not been tested or approved for medical or pharmaceutical applications. The Type D Dental Model resin is designed for modeling only and not for use in the body interior or oral cavity.

Safety data sheets here.

Furthermore, you can find timings for the resin for various printer types here: