DruckWege with New Services: Color Customization

DruckWege with New Services: Color Customization

Hennef – DruckWege adds new services. Common color variations in the field of 3D printing range from white to black, red, green, blue or even pigment-free resins. Most of the required resources for UV-sensitive resins are covered by that already in many cases.

With the release of Type D early 2017, the resin made it to a established name for DLP and DUP 3D printers. The materials convince with a low shrinkage, high degree of hardness and a fast curing time and dry/non-sticky surfaces. Further properties are sharp edges, also in dependency to the used machine and low odor of the liquid resin.

Based on these characteristics, the common demands is direct match-making of material colors to the end-use of the printed product. DruckWege offers such flexibility in material development. The customization of resins for small- and large batch productions allow to skip intermediate process steps, such as priming or coating, if the resin colors matches already the end-use color.

Examples of color customization for customer requirements.

As of november, DruckWege offers to customize resin colors. Accordingly, color palettes, such as RAL or others, enable a basis for development of a resin shades. Small iteration steps are necessary to reach the final color result to match also opacity and printability,
which have to be aligned between the customer and DruckWege.

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