FEPshop joins DruckWege Reseller Network for 3D Printer Resins

FEPshop joins DruckWege Reseller Network for 3D Printer Resins


September 2017 – FEPshop is the tradename of the Dutch-based tech company Fair Use Services LLP. FEPshop is a globally known online shop with a clear focus on FEP film.

FEP stands for Tetrafluorethylen-Hexafluorpropylen- Copolymer and is a highly durable co-polymere which allows smooth separation and spacing between different polymeric materials. FEP is broadly known to be highly resistent against extreme temperatures and chemicals.

FEPshop established the online market in the past while demand for FEP film was growing. Applicants and the industry are using such polymers to coat resin vats or on to of already applied silicone layers in their 3D printing systems when it comes to resin-based techniques, such as in the Wanhao D7.

FEPshop offers different FEP sheets ranging from 100 microns to 200 micron thickness, in precut sizes for most popular 3D printer and sheets are also available in custom sizes. FEPshop sells to consumers and also advices and supplies 3D printing industry.

Image: FEP roll, image by FEPshop.com

DruckWege welcomes the new reseller in the Netherlands for promoting and offering all resins through its shop and extending its portfolio with the first releases of DLP and UV/LCD resins by DruckWege.