Heat deflection temperature at 260° – DruckWege Type D High Temp

Heat deflection temperature at 260° – DruckWege Type D High Temp

Highest proven heat deflection temperature for UV DLP Resin

Verification of heat deflection temperature with HDT temperature for DruckWege Type D High Temp UV DLP Resin at 260°C. Functional UV resin in use for high temperature applications.

Heat Deflection Temperature HDT – Test method DIN EN ISO 75-2

For our DruckWege Type D High Temp Resin, the proof was verified with the test method DIN EN ISO 75-2: 2013-08, Method B, heat deflection temperature up to an HDT of 260°C. A DAkkS accredited testing institute from Germany has provided the test and according report on our functional resin, whereby the maximum deflection takes place under constant push force and continuous temperature increase. The deflection is measured over time.

With the method B, 0.45 MPa load is transferred to the specimens at a heating rate of 120°C/h. The deflection is measured over time. The maximum temperature of the instrument was reached without the deflection of the samples exceeding 1 mm. Therefore, the HDT value must be considered to be at least 260°C. The temperature loading capacity is considerably higher. Unfortunately, the test chambers do not allow higher measuring environments. 

The deflection of the specimens was 260°C: 0.24 mm 0.05 mm 0.15 mm.

Shown above is the displacement of the specimens under force at a constant temperature increase.

Comparison Type D High Temp HDT Values

In comparison of the DruckWege Type D High Temp resin with other UV DLP resins, our resin cuts off with the highest value. In the comparison there are 3 other materials which are marked as “High Temp” and which we present anonymously. Values after research, based on manufacturer data or those of the market integrator.

Material HDT (0,45 Mpa)
DruckWege Type D High Temp 260°C
Material UV Resin Competition 1 238°C
Material UV Resin Competition 2 N/A
Material UV Resin Competition 3 180 °C
Material UV Resin Competition 4 150 °C

Application of the High Temp UV Resin

Type D High Temp (HT) is an acrylate-based UV resin developed for functional prototyping applications. The DruckWege Type D HT is particularly suitable for use in high temperature environments such as mould casting. The high heat dissipation properties of the material clearly distinguish the functionality from other common resins.

Individual proofs by independent testers showed very good results for the casting of moulds with aluminium in negative moulds of models printed with Type D HT.

Due to the additives selected by us, DruckWege HighTemp achieves high dimensional dimensional accuracy and its unique temperature resistance.

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