DruckWege – 3D Printing Materials and Services

DruckWege offers 3D printing solutions for medium sized companies. Our options reach from the development of 3D models, 3D printing with various technologies to our very own materials, all accessible in our shop.

3D Printing Resins

From our own experience we recognized the need for developing and optimizing materials for the 3d printing scene. Consequently, we conducted new materials for ambitious 3D print operators. One of which is the the very first repair kit for 3D printer resin vats: ReCoat. Also, we determined the lacking of broadly available high-performance resins and developed DruckWege Type D and DruckWege Type S which meets our high technical expectations and requirements of a stable and high quality source for 3D printing. Our resins are either designed for DLP/DUP or SLA technologies.

DruckWege Resins

3D Printing Services

Our customers are companies with the need for prototyping, development or small-series production of innovative products. We can provide various processes like FDM or SLA/DLP. Furthermore, we serve a high quality network of experts, which can enable additional specialized procedures.