We thank our highly experienced testers and 3D printing experts who use our resins on all DLP/LCD 3D printers. We are happy to provide our “Preferred Testers” with new developments and intermediate statuses of our resins, because they have distinguished themselves through their professional and appreciative manner and their feedback, also in terms of market knowledge, is particularly important to us. In this way, we ensure that we receive an independent opinion. The Resin Testers are not paid by DruckWege. Our list of “Preferred Testers” does not mean that they exclusively use DruckWege resins. The people named have agreed to make their contacts available via social media.

Unsere Preferred Resin Testers

Name Martin Falk Hansen
Location Denmark
Area of Application Functional Model prints, Table top figures, Insta Influencer
Printers in Use
Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, Elegoo Mars, Voxelab Proxima, Kelant S400S
Favourite DruckWege Resins Type D Tough, Type D Standard

3D Printing since 2013, Mechanical background,
Main focus on functional printing for RC, cars, boats etc

Social Media instagram.com/martinfalk3d/

Name Jamie Osborne
Location England
Area of Application ScaleModels, Table Top Games, Action Figures
Printers in Use
Anycubic Photon, Nova3D Elfin, Nova3D ELFIN2 Mono, Phrozen Sonic Mini 4K, Elegoo Mars Pro
Favourite DruckWege Resins Type D Grey
About  Jamie has been 3DPrinting for a number of years, Chef by trade,
3D Printing is a hobby which has slowly progress into a painting hobby.
Mainly focussed on Resin based printing.
Social Media instagram.com/_3dprintandpaint_/

Name Felix Paul Wright
Location Germany
Area of Application

Dental Models for Crown ad Sleeve Copping Protheses, Inlay/Inlays, Implant structures,
Gingiva masks, Crowns & Bridges. Tools for Ceramics

Printers in Use
Phrozen Sonic 4K XL
Favourite DruckWege Resins Type D Dental, Type D Gingiva, Type D High Temp

Master of Dental technology
(Meister der Zahntechnik)

Social Media