DruckWege offers in the online-shop various 3D-print-materials. This includes filaments from Colorfabb (thermoplastic). Besides the provided producs through cooperation, DruckWege especially has their own materials developped vor the 3d-print scene.

DruckWege Resin

Our own artificial resin, based on epoxy-acrylats are develloped in close cooperation with an established german expert company for resins. We are proud to be able to offer you the first series inkages after our long development time for our own resin.
The type D was custom-built for DLP light sources.

DruckWege ReCoat

The globally unique repair-kit for the resin container in 3d-printer is ReCoat and was developped by DruckWege in 2015. ReCoat is a two-component-elastomer, which through simple application recoats old resin containers. The sensitive layer in the resin containers wears down in the process of 3d-printing and begins to go murky, which affects the optical properties. ReCoat enables to replace these layers.