Besides the execution of 3d-print-jobs our services can include training to teach the basics and expand intermediate knowledge in additive production. 

To our customers belomng corparations, which sucessfully integrated our 3d-print in their development department. Furthermore our training content focusses on technology enthusiasts, 3d-print beginners or even intermediates who need additional knowlegde to troubleshoot their 3d-printing process.

Basic courses

In the basic course we give you an overview to the various 3d-printing processes on the market and focus on the processes of FDM, SLA and DLP. We explain the structure of the technical components of the 3d-printers and the essential processes for the prints. To that end we introduce the fields of application of the additive production and the range of CAD-programs.

The course lasts 2 hours.

Intermediate course

The intermediate course has extensive instuction to optimize the 3d-print for FDM printers with an how-to field guide (data formats, CAD, gCode generation, parameterization). Troubleshooting is also a core component of the course.

The course lasts 3 hours.

Print 4 biz – Course

In our bisuness course we offer a combination of the basic and intermediate courses and train you in the integreation of a 3d-printers in your company. To that end we offer a broad range of machines.