With stereolithographic (SLA) are very fine structures and smooth surfaces possible although support structures are still necessary. Under the influence of UV light, UV-sensitive synthetic resins are polymerised (cured) layer by layer. The object is drawn out of a liquid bath.

This process is the oldest 3d-printing process,, invented by Chuck Hull 1983. Chuck Hull later founded 3D Systems.

The process time is with SLA longer (depending on the object size), by comparison and occasionaly more cost intensive as with FDM, DLP, DUP. Resolution precision in Z are around 0,025 mm – 0,0150 mm. XY-resolution is at 25 microns whereas the size is dependent on the pinpoint determined by the laser optics and focal lenses.

DruckWege offers SLA resins at highest resolution and matching perfectly with common SLA 3D printers.

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