MonoPrinter: First Reseller for DruckWege Products in the US

Hennef (Germany)/Allston (USA) – The US-based company MonoPrinter turns to be the first reseller for DruckWege products, covering the latest release of the newly developed resins Type D for DLP/UV-LCD 3D printers. Monoprinter offers 3D printers based on a DLP light source with its own brand the Mono1. The in-plane (X/Y) resolution ranges from 24 over 33 to 46 microns, Layer thickness ranges from 5 over to typically 30, 50 and 100 microns. MonoPrinter developed its own software: the MonoWare which leaves quite a unique number of customizations for users and a way more better user experience than CW.

The MonoPrinter works perfectly with DruckWege resin Type D. US-based DLP 3D printer owners can now source Type D in the US, that means quicker shipping and no hussle with the customs!

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