New Resin for Functional and Special Prototyping: Type D PRO

New Resin for Functional and Special Prototyping: Type D PRO

Hennef – DruckWege releases new special resin: DruckWege Resin Type D PRO. The resin is an epoxy based resin with industrial specs, designed for 3D printers  with DLP / UV light sources. Our own brand is very durable, easy to paint and has some outstanding physical properties.

The PRO version exhibits better properties with regards to impact strength and bending resistance:

  • quick curing times
  • high degree of details and sharp edges
  • smooth and dry object surface
  • low odor
  • viscosity: 33-57 mPa/s
  • shrinkage: ca. 2% +/- 1%
  • hardness D: 76,33 Shore

The demand for special resins is e.g. where prototyping or series production are facing higher impact loads or bending stresses. The new developed resin has been tested following the common test methods, such as ISO 178 (3 point bending strength) or the determination of shore hardness. Also, the impact resistivity has been tested and sucessfully benchmarked with other „industrial“ resins on the market.

3 Point Bending Test

DruckWege Resin Typ D cures under UV light and is compatible with at least the following printers B9 Creator, Gizmo, 3D Facture Draken, YHD-101, Wanhao D7 v3, Kudo3D, Atum3D and others.