Phrozen Shuffle Exposure Times on DruckWege Resins

Phrozen Shuffle Exposure Times on DruckWege Resins

DruckWege Resins on Phrozen Shuffle

18 AUG 2018 – This blogpost gives some summarized results on the settings for DruckWege Resins on the Phrozen Shuffle DUP 3D Printer . We will update the table gradually and update through new posts on Phrozen Shuffle exposure times for our resins. Once gathered on all resin types for DruckWege materials, we will issue a material guide this year enabling all material info at a glance.

Phrozen Shuffle Resin Settings

The Phrozen Shuffle 3D printer resin settings to be adjusted in the slicer software, can be adapted for DruckWege resins at the following parameters, whereas the table is for Baselayer (seconds) / Regular Layer (seconds) / Layer height (millimeters), used at 8 baselayers in general:

Type D Blue Standard 65s/8.5s/0.1mm
Type D Grey Standard 85s/13s/0.1mm
Type D Orange Standard 120s/13s/0.1mm
Type D Pigment-free/Clear Standard 90s/8.5s/0.1mm
Type D Black Standard 95s/10/0.1mm
Type D Green Standard 95s/9.5s/0.1mm
Type D Red Standard 95s/9.5s/0.1mm
Type D Pro Black 180s/14s/0.1mm
Type D Pro Flex Clear 80s/16s/0.1mm
Type D Dental Standard 90s/10s/0.1mm

Image Source: Rider (middle picture), DruckWege Resin Grey by Studioqubed (USA)