Phrozen Shuffle XL Display Trouble Shooting

Phrozen Shuffle XL Display Trouble Shooting

Replacement of the Phrozen Shuffle XL Display – Field report

Description for the replacement of the UV 3D DLP printer Phrozen Shuffle XL with defective display. Repair of the display after removal and reinstallation.

Until recently we were very satisfied with our Phrozen Shuffle XL. It now did its job for one year without any major incidents, even though we feared from “Day One” that the large display would quickly let us down. The Shuffle XL has no security features to protect it.

Neither is there another layer of protective glass over the display, just a thin film (no FEP), nor is it really cleanly embedded and is only protected by resin through the adhesive tapes at the edge. With the manual control of the Z axis it is also possible to ignore the home sensor and drive the base plate into the display. 

DruckWege Resin and Phrozen Shuffle

We as DruckWege use the printer to benchmark our UV resins against various technologies. We also use a number of other systems. But here is the description of our experience, also with our resin on the Phrozen Shuffle XL.

Display damage on the Phrozen Shuffle XL

None of the above shortcomings were decisive in our case. From one day to the next, the display stopped responding.

First we checked all connectors in the shuffle, unfortunately without success; the display remained dark. For better or for worse, we ordered a new display in the belief that the display had been damaged by a cured piece of resin that had remained in the tank and had been pushed into the display by the base plate. As a result, the display can fail completely but only partially. These resin pieces can remain in the tank if you don’t filter the resin every time you print.

Unfortunately it can also happen during a printing process that details of the model come loose and are then rinsed between display and model during the printing process, so that it doesn’t even have to be a lack of filtering of the resin to destroy the display. Since it is not protected by glass, it is very susceptible to any mechanical stress.

Parallel to ordering the replacement display we contacted the Phrozen support via Facebook, but they took their time with the reaction. In the meantime the new display reached us,
which we installed immediately. You have to be extremely careful when removing the old display, because it breaks very quickly when it bends slightly, as it happened to us.

At first we didn’t mourn the display because we thought it was defective anyway. Changing the display proves to be very difficult, as a ribbon cable adapter directly underneath the display is very difficult to access. This is glued to the back of the display board on the frame. We had to disconnect the adapter to be able to disconnect the ribbon cables.

In addition, the new display comes in its original version and therefore has to be “disassembled”, also here with the not negligible danger of a display breakage.

Furthermore, the new display comes without a new protective film and it is expected that the old one will be “recycled”, but it didn’t look fresh after one year of continuous operation, so we decided to replace it with a FEP film.

To our great disappointment, the new display didn’t do its job either. Meanwhile Phrozen contacted us, ignored all the information we had given and asked us to check the connectors, after our answer the support went to sleep again.
But our Phrozen distributor helped us quickly. Apparently the problem is known, and asked us to check the LED on the display driver board.

This should light green all the time as soon as the Shuffle XL is powered up. But ours didn’t work! Uncomplicated we got a spare part from our distributor. This spare part is not available, so we hope that the distributor has it in stock long enough.

After receiving the spare part and installing it, we were able to put the new display into operation and were very annoyed that the old, supposedly defective one jumped out during the removal campaign.

In the meantime the Phrozen support contacted us and asked us to surpass the LED on the display driver board, only that we had already used the printer again a long time ago.

In the higher price range of Phrozen printers, we had implicitly expected a better service and design of the machine. In the end, we were able to get the printer going again, but we had to learn the hard way and invest a lot of time. Especially when replacing the displays declared as “consumables”, a lot of work was done on the design.

The components are far too difficult to reach and it is far too easy to run the risk of damaging old or new parts.