Resins for Gizmo

Resins for Gizmo

Resin for Gizmo 3D Printers – DruckWege Resins with Best Ever Performance Rate on Gizmo Printers

Hennef/Brisbane – When it comes to innovation and quality, Gizmo 3D Printers Pty Ltd are top ranked in comparison to other DLP 3D printer technologies. Funded from a 2016 Indiegogo campaign, the release of the world’s first super speed top-bottom printer was announced by the co-founders Kobus and Michelle du Toit. If you search for a resin for Gizmo 3D printers, then you should read this post.

DruckWege Resins Compatible with Top-Bottom-Printers

Since the successful campaign and subsequent launch, Gizmo 3D has released multiple versions and sizes of their printer technology and has successfully created various high-end solutions around their 3D machines in the market. Moreover, the printer capabilities are convincing with an „upside-down“ technology, which means the UV light source of the DLP beamer illuminates the resin from the top. Consequently, the resin vat is concepted differently than conventional 3D printers since in the Gizi-Series printers, the building plates are driven downwards, not upwards. This enables faster print speeds because there is no vat pealing or uplift from the build plate.

3D Printing Resins with Fastest Performance on Gizmo

This is different to other resin 3D printers and very few resins work on this basic principle.
Regarding this particular technology, DruckWege resin comes into play. One of the working material suppliers are DruckWege with their resin portfolio. Our resins cure quick and come out non-tacky, which means that even a quick post-cure under air is given. This effect highly benefits users of DruckWege’s Type D material in Gizmo 3D printers. And not even just work: DruckWege Typ D resins make the fastest curing time in Gizmo 3D printers in comparison to other traditional resin sources. Consequently, Kobus and Michelle have created an interesting overview on this in a blog entry, here.

DruckWege Resins can be ordered via Gizmo 3D directly in Australia for the use in the Gizmo 3D printers. Get in contact directly with Gizmo 3D via mail or dive into their technology through their website. Worldwide shipping is available on both Gizmo 3D and DruckWege products.

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