Review: Creation Workshop (CW) for use on Wanhao D7

Review: Creation Workshop (CW) for use on Wanhao D7

CW (Creation Works) on the Wanhao D7

Assessment from the user’s point of view

The Wanhao D7 offers in contrast to many high-priced printers the possibility to process a wide range of resins. Of course, the question arises how these can be configured via software. Wanhao itself recommends Creation Workshop CW for Wanhao D7. As an operator, you have also quickly put the device into operation. Because the computer takes over representation, modelling and also the generation of support structures. The problems which CW raises become however fast clear if one wants to print then also large models with long printing times. Despite the fact that Wanhao brought CW closer to the hardware as a company integration in 2018, the software has certain technical limitations which are described below.

Operating the CW during 3D printing

First of all, the computer must be connected to the printer for the entire print time, a Windows update that restarts the computer interrupts and destroys the print. Also, screensavers or other interventions of the system on the graphic connection to the controller of the 3D printer are unfortunately a dangerous matter. You can switch it all off manually, but especially at the beginning you are frustrated if you don’t know that and try to print the screen saver.

Computing power when slicing and printing profiles

Furthermore, a large model requires a lot of computing power from the computer, otherwise the display, the slicing of the model or the use of the computer at all will fail. Often a laptop had to be restarted hard because CW swallowed more computing power for slicing than was provided by the PC.

The slice profiles are another shortcoming. These contain the information for the exposure times and the layer thickness of the model. These also contain the machine code (G-Code), which controls the printer over the printing process. The handling of the profiles is rather cumbersome.

Another serious problem is this setup, if you want to use more than one D7, because then several printers have to be juggled at one computer with several CW instances, which is not only awkward, but also carries a big risk that prints break off.


CW is a viable tool for the D7, as long as only a 3D printer with few resins is to be controlled and the PC has sufficient computing power and has been set so that no communication interruptions occur during printing between PC and D7.

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