Review of the Wanhao D7 Duplicator LCD DUP 3D Printer

Review of the Wanhao D7 Duplicator LCD DUP 3D Printer

Compact unit Wanhao 3D Printer – D7 Duplicator

The Wanhao Duplicator 7 (short Wanhao D7) is a compact low-cost 3D printer based on DUP technology that achieves exceptional results in this price category. The 3D printer has an axis resolution of 25 µm in z axis resolution and 47 µm in xy plane. This is a very fine resolution compared to FDM where the xy resolution is usually 400µm (smaller if necessary) or compared to first generation SLA printers where the laser spot in xy is 300µm, which can be easily compared to printed models. The resolution is determined by the LCD display.

3D Dental Model printed on Wanhao D7 with Type D Pigment-free, resolution 0.1mm

3D Printer Resin for Wanhao D7

However, the use is not a “plug and play” approach like Formlabs, for example, but in return the D7 can be used with a wide range of UV resins. This allows consumers and commercial users alike a certain range of applications. But diversity also has its pitfalls. For each resin the correct exposure times must be available, or determined, since not all manufacturers provide settings for the D7. DruckWege has also tested its resins for various applications. D7 devices and determined optimal exposure times for it.

3D Model printed on the D7 with Type D Clear / Pigment-free 0,05mm

Further blog posts on the software options, such as CW and NanoDLP or short manual on resin implementation can be found at the according links.


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