Kickstarter DAY 9

Hey Backers and future Backers, 

From many talks and questions that are arising during the last days, we’d like to summarize them for you and bring the core properties of the ReCoat together in this update:

  • Prompt availability the kit is „ready to use“ and “easy to handle”
  • no major manual preparations neccessary KIT is designed for more than only one ReCoating 
  •  ReCoat has excellent properties for adhesion to the substrat from processoptimized and tailored primer technology
  • Cross-linking at room temperature (or temperature supported) possible
  • High transmission, avoidance of yellowing effects
  • flame resistance good
  • dielectric properties
  • constant quality control and documentation through certificate of charge analytics and controls from our suppliers
  • high durability and homogenous polymere properties throughout a broad temperature range 
  • variable coating thicknesses possible

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