Pre-Announcement Kickstarter Campaign

News on our new product: ReCoat by DruckWege will be launched tomorrow on kickstarter. We will provide a first source for a DIY repair kit with a coating replacement of your resin vat’s silicone layer for SLA printers. ReCoat can be used for refurbishing your old resin vats.

Safe time and cost with ReCoat by DruckWege when your prints start to fail from cloudy resin vats. The influence of UV light causes accelerated ageing of the polymeric layers (including the vat itself) during the actual printing process. After a couple of prints, the only solution that is recommended by common SLA printer manufacturers: buy a new resin vat. We found a solution that allows you to replace the worn-out silicone layer with ReCoat and still use your resin vat without buying a new one.

Stay tuned! The kickstarter campaign will be launched tomorrow, mon 15.06.2015!

Gather early bird packages and be part as first supporter to launch this product.

We’ll keep you updated!

Cheers, DruckWege

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